10. 85% of all women will be solely responsible for their livelihood at some time in their lives.

9. Divorced women are entitled to a spouse’s share of Social Security only if they were married ten years or longer. The average length of marriage in the U.S. is 9.6 years.

8. Women use health care more than men do because of childbearing. The rate of uninsured women is growing three times faster than the rate of uninsured men.

7. Advertisers target women‘s insecurity about appearance. They do their photo-shopped best to keep us insecure.

6. Cultural messages still tell women that concern with money is a) unfeminine b) bourgeois, c) immoral, d) too hard. This is called internalized oppression.

5. Chances of being poor when you’re old in the U.S. are 70% greater if you’re a woman; especially a woman of color.

4. Old or not, women and children are 76% of the poor in this country; disproportionately women and children of color.

3. Even in families of inherited wealth, sons are more likely to control the business or inheritance than daughters. Indeed, sons-in-law are more likely than daughters.

2. Women are targeted for unequal pay, high interest loans, credit cards, installment buying and unaffordable mortgages largely because we don’t ask for what we’re worth, or learn about interest rates and mortgages.

1. If Stacey Tisdale had been at my college, I wouldn’t have taken a lifetime to learn what Nina Simone sang to us all, “God bless the child that has her own.”