A Conference for Women by Winning Play$

Silicon Valley, CA
June 2018
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Our mission is to empower all women with the tools to develop financial security, economic empowerment and self confidence with money.


What's Included:

Sharing Our Storie$

An intimate interview between Stacey Tisdale and a guest celebrity in which they share financial lessons they have learned, and the experiences & challenges that have faced in their financial lives.


Ongoing financial wellness stations which offer one on one financial counseling for attendees with advisors from financial organizations.

Continued Education

Access to webinars that provide knowledge and echo the financial themes we discuss at our summit.

  • Women and Money
  • You don't have to be Rich to Invest
  • Free Yourself from Student Debt
  • Making Financial Goals a Reality
  • Change Your Mind, Change Your Money
  • Teach Your Children, Teach Yourself Entrepreneurship
  • Free Yourself from Debt

Stacey Tisdale

  • Financial journalist and expert for PBS Newshour Weekend, Today Show, Huffington Post, CNN, CNNI, CBS, and Headline New.
  • Author of The True Cost of Happiness: The Real Story Behind Managing Your Money. Writer, Dow Jones & Co., Wall Street Journal Television.
  • Winner, U.S Department of Ed Excellence in Financial Education award.
  • Advisory Committee Member for the Gloria Steinem Endowed Chair for Media, Culture, and Feminist studies at Rutgers University

About Winning Play$

Winning Play$, which was created by financial journalist and author Stacey Tisdale, and winner of the U.S. Department of Education’s Excellence in Economic Education award in 2010, is a behavior-based financial literacy program that helps students develop healthy attitudes and behaviors around money.

They examine how factors such as gender, ethnicity, role-modeling, and media messages play out in their financial beliefs and choices. They learn how to move beyond the conditioning that doesn’t serve them. In addition, they master basic financial concepts such as saving, debt, management, and investing, as well as the best strategies for paying for college.

The program is also built to Common Core math standards and the Jumpstart Coalition’s national financial education standards.